CHUCK MOSLEY - Will Interview Over Phone Lines For Press
by Martin Popoff

Chuck Mosley is a name you might not recognize, but forsooth you know legendary early Faith No More anthem 'We Care A Lot'? That's Chuck turning in a hilarious Emmy of a vocal performance there, Mosley lasting for two records before being replaced by Mike Patton. Then, outside of a bizarre stint fronting the Bad Brains in the low '90s, Chuck kept an even lower profile... cooking and moving to Cleveland, mostly. But now he's back with a fun, heavy, funny solo album called Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food, which... don't worry...

"Yeah, that's more of a joke than anything," says he of the Barry White purr. "That's going to go further and further away. There's not much rap heard in all this. I'll freestyle. I'll be more like talking over rock in the future. My style is more like conversational talking, as opposed to rapping, but I called the album that to make fun of us and everybody else out there. I like to make fun of people."

"But, let's see... mission?" continues Chuck, asked for one, "Or style? I don't really have a style That's kind of my style. I mean, I'm credited with starting that whole rapping over rock business. That kind of happened by accident."

Yeah, just how did that happen, and do you buy that? Are you an inventor of that?

"Well yeah, I am. Just being mixed, I think, culturally. When I was working with Faith No More, when I started out with them, there was simply stuff that I wanted to rap over. I was a big fan of rap, but I wasn't really good at it. But I didn't want to let the fact that I wasn't any good at it stop me from doing it over the more rhythmic parts of their music. Because I couldn't think of anything else to do. Because I couldn't hear a melody to sing; I'm a melody-type person. So I sang where I heard melodies, and I did that where I didn't hear it, where I just heard beats. And so it kind of took off, and Mike imitated me when he took over. He took over the job and I think he thought that's what he had to do, because that's what I did, and people would credit him for doing it before they realized that I was doing it all along before. I've seen it directed both ways, but obviously, if I came before him and I was doing it, than I deserve the credit (laughs). So I took the credit for that, but as far as musical styles, I don't have any one style that I like. I don't have one style that I follow. When I'm writing, you know, it just comes out. If I write on an acoustic it sounds different from when I'm writing on an electric or if I'm writing on piano. I write all kinds of styles, because I listen to all kinds of styles. So if I have any one style, that's my style."

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