CHUCK MOSLEY - Will Interview Over Phone Lines For Press Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Going back 20 years, were you a piano player and could play guitar?

"Yeah, I studied classical piano from around 3 1/2 to 14, and I heard David Bowie when I was 11 or 12, and I wanted to be able to play his music on guitar, and I got to take guitar lessons for three months, and all my guitar playing came from there, just stole secrets from other people and stuff. I never really got great on guitar, but that didn't stop me from playing that either."

The experience shines on the new record, which really, in sum total, is a cool, sometimes goofy echo-slap-reverberation of the early Faith No More albums. Is there a deliberate view Chuck has about injecting humour into what he does?

"Well, yes, but it's not so much philosophy. I've never taken anything really serious. I've always been sarcastic and into humour, so it's going to reflect on the music. Because that's part of who I am. Like I say, I like feedback, I like psychedelic, I like hip-hop, I like heavy metal, I like R&B, and we have more R&B flavour in some of the tracks too, but it didn't make it to this record, because it was getting too long, and was taking too long to get finished. So we had to save that; there's a lot of stuff we had to save for the next outing."

And perhaps underscoring the appreciated legacy of what Chuck's up to on this record, he's got some pistol-packing guest stars helping out.

"Yeah, let's see, Jonathan Davis from Korn, sings with me on 'Enabler', which is the first designated single. And also John 5 from Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie plays guitar on the same song. Roddy Bottum is on our new rendition of 'We Care A Lot', so right there is my sense of humour. And Roddy plays keyboards on that, from Faith No More, obviously. Let's see, what else, oh, Michael Cartellone from Lynyrd Skynyrd played drums on most of the album, and our producer played drums on a couple tracks. And a girl, Lilu, who is just 19 years old, and she is actually a label mate. She is going to be coming out with a record later this year or the beginning of next year, on the same 360 Records, and she was a fan of my music, so she asked Mike (Seifert - producer) if I can sing on there, and hell yeah, because I love her voice. I thought it would go good with mine, and it did."

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