CHUCK MOSLEY - Will Interview Over Phone Lines For Press Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Did Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees - rock it!) come to Cleveland?

"Yeah, he came here for a weekend and played the drums. Came in and did the job and got out. Real professional. And he recognized the David Bowie influence in me, and for that... that really makes me a fan of his."

And why did YOU go to Cleveland?

"Cheap real estate was one thing. We were going to move at one point; we had a second daughter on the way and we wanted a change of scenery. We're kind of nomadic in nature. So it was either here or Seattle or England or Pensacola. And we had a friend here, and he just happened to have a house open, and it was a lot cheaper than where we were living in LA. So we took the jump. And I wanted to start... I was a fan of a lot of bands that came from Cleveland, and I thought it would be fun to get a band from here."

But it's time to hit the road again... "Oh definitely. We're just waiting for the right booking agent to get us on the right kind of tour, start it here in America and then go on to Europe and England and continue on from there, to all points east, west, north and south."

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