MOTLEY CRUE - Inside The Box!
By Aaron Small

MOTLEY CRUE bassist Nikki Sixx recently sat down with BW&BK for an exclusive chat. Our conversation began with the controversy surrounding the title of the new box set - Music To Crash Your Car To, Volume One. In December 1984, intoxicated Motley vocalist Vince Neil drove to the liquor store with HANOI ROCKS' drummer Razzle in the passenger seat. A tragic fatal accident occurred and Razzle was killed. Upon hearing about Music To Crash Your Car To, Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy have expressed outrage and disgust.

"Well, if it was malicious I would feel a lot worse," responds Sixx. "But it wasn't malicious. I never even thought about it and I think things through pretty thoroughly. It was so, so long ago. Our lifestyle has encompassed a lot of tragedy and some of it has been glamorized but it's horrible. I've crashed a couple of Ferraris and Porsches in my time. Tommy's rolled a couple of cars, Mick's crashed a couple cars and we've all had motorcycle accidents."

In fact the band have referenced this before in the song 'Fake' from the album New Tattoo. The first verse goes: "Spent a million dollars on amphetamines, Crashed a lot of cars, f**ked all the stupid stars in Hollywood, Because I could, because we could."

Nikki continues, "At one point, Tommy had written this song called 'Music To Crash Your Car To'. I thought that was a f**king cool title! That is kind of what Motley Crue music is - you're going really fast and it feels like that. Then he left the band and the next time I saw Tommy, we sat down and talked about the box set. We decided to use his title. That was it. Then I get a call from Vince. He says, 'Dude, this isn't right. It's not cool. I've got all these people coming up to me saying, how could you do this?' Now Vince has his own manager. I make sure everything Motley Crue goes through his management. Personally, I don't think they showed it to him. A lot of times Vince just lets... he's not as involved in a lot of stuff. They might have said we're going to do a box set and he said cool."

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