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By Aaron Small

Volume One covers Motley from 1981 to 1987. It will be followed by two more installments - Volumes Two and Three. When can these be expected?

"I think March for Volume Two. The idea is every couple of months. When I go into a record store and I want to buy Aerosmith - Pandora's Box. Where the f**k am I going to put this first of all? It doesn't fit in my CD collection. I'm going to put it on a mantle like an award or something? That was always a problem for me. I can shell out $130 for the box set and not have it hurt me financially but kids can't do that. So we decided to break it up into three volumes and keep the price cool with new photos and information in each volume. I actually grabbed it and put it in my car the other day and was listening to some of the outtakes. You can't do that with a box set. It's too big."

All those outtakes were made available on the Crucial Crue re-releases in 1999. There's really not any new material on the box set.

"It's not meant for people to go and buy Motley Crue music they already have. When we left Elektra Records and started our own label, we re-released all the music with those bonus tracks. That was here's the music, if you don't have it, go ahead and get it. Then when we went to Universal Music. They're obviously going to change it from saying Motley/Beyond to saying Motley/Universal or Hip-O. The interpretation is; are you trying to get us to buy this shit again? Not at all, I just want it out there. There are a lot of new fans discovering Motley Crue. The idea of the box set is really just a crowning achievement in your career. If you're a collector, it's a cool thing to get. If you just like the first few years, then only get the first one. Box sets don't sell a lot, maybe 10,000 copies. Anybody that thinks bands put out box sets to make money don't realize that the box itself and all the artwork is very expensive. We basically break even."

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