MOTLEY CRUE - Inside The Box! Page 3
By Aaron Small

The new DVD Greatest Video Hits is available in two versions - Explicit and Clean Sanitized. Is the latter just for Wal Mart shoppers?

"Exactly. If you are smart you do that kind of stuff because forty per cent of all your sales happen in these conservative stores. A guy who lives in Deluth doesn't have an opportunity to go anywhere else but Wal Mart or KMart. So either you sanitize it or they won't carry it. It's a weird debate because I've seen artists say, 'f**k you I'm not doing it!' Then their album comes out and the fans are saying, 'I can't get it. I'm pissed.' It doesn't feel good to have to do that shit."

There is an endless amount of talk and speculation about a Motley Crue reunion. However a couple of obstacles must be overcome first: Vince Neil is no longer in top form as crowds who witnessed his last solo tour will attest to. Can he get into shape and can Vince and drummer Tommy Lee put aside their differences long enough to perform together without trying to kill each other?

"I've talked to all the guys but there's one other thing missing from that equation and that's [guitarist] Mick Mars," answers Nikki. "Mick was having construction done on his house so he had been living with me for a month. He just moved back into his place. In that time we got to talk a lot more about how ill he really is. He plays guitar just like he always has but it's not easy for him to move around. So that's an issue in itself. That is more than anything else why if we didn't do it. If he can't tour comfortably, we're not going to bring in another guitar player."

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