MOTORHEAD - ...And The Horse They Rode In On
by Martin Popoff

Now well past 25 years with the band, Phil Campbell is more than settled into his role as one of the "new guys" in Lemmy's crankshaft band of bandsaw brothers. Mikkey Dee, compact Swede, ex-of KING DIAMOND, completes the lineup, although as has been reported, Mikkey's been collared to take a rare break, given his gig as part of Swedish reality show Kandisjungeln. Replacing him for a short space will be similarly blonde bigshot Matt Sorum, who will flail away as MOTORHEAD continues to pack 'em in on their extended tour in support of Motorizer, the record that might spell the end of the band's relationship with SPV, who seem to be restructuring, or maybe not.

Explains Phil, gracious beer-supplying host on the band's surprisingly civilized and neat-as-a-pin tour bus... "Mikkey asked me and Lem... it's a good opportunity for him to do something different, like once-in-a-lifetime. So yes, there's this 'I'm a Swedish celebrity... 'get me out of here' show in the Malaysian jungle. So we've asked Matt Sorum, who has kindly agreed to drum for a while. Because it depends on the vote. Mikkey's definitely going to be out for a week, and it could be two-and-a-half weeks, and so it will be good. It'll be a change for us - we'll have a different drum solo for the first time in 18 years (laughs). He's coming in next week to do two shows. But he's looking at videos and DVDs right now. But yeah, Mikkey... they're all flying them in different planes. They can take one luxury item. You don't know what to expect; you could be taken by helicopter."

But Lem jokes that Mikkey's not a jungle guy... "No, but he's pretty tough. He's scared of heights, and things, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It will be fun to have Matt playing with us for a few weeks. He's looking forward to it - something different."

Asked about plans for the next Motorhead album, Phil notes that, "Our record company folded up, I believe - SPV - a couple months ago. Well, we got our money out of it. I don't know if we're just going to put it out ourselves this time, but everything is cool. I think we're still going to do a new one next year, start writing in January/February."

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