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by Martin Popoff

If so, the record-crankin' clip's slowed a bit, but bloody 'ell, Motorhead have been extremely prolific over the last dozen years or so, and the records stand up stiffly as vital, and in fact, worthy of argument that they are better than the old stuff, a debate we scribes have quite often as concerns this band, as well as DEEP PURPLE and URIAH HEEP for that matter.

"You know, we're not a band that just goes through our greatest hits," agrees Phil. "We put every effort into it. That's the one thing we have going in this band: our integrity. We're never going to go platinum or anything like that, but we try. We don't just play our greatest hits and the rest is filler."

So who's driving the process when you're making these records?

"Basically, the last couple of albums, like before Christmas or something like that, early January, I've gone home and recorded a bunch of riffs and a bunch of half songs, and put drums on them and everything, and then I take them to LA, where we meet up, and it's all based on that. Lem's funny; he's a machine but he's lazy when it comes to that. But he comes in and contributes his bit, which is really important and everything. He trusts me and Mik. We sort of slam it all together and everything, and he'll come in and have his say and Mikkey helps arrange it - comes up; sings some riffs - and comes in. It's all a three-way thing, but it starts with me."

But of course, Lemmy, being the literary guy he is, is of tantamount import when it comes to the wordsmithing... "Well, sometimes he'll have ten sets of lyrics. Like in the dressing room now, two minutes ago now, he's doodling. Not with lyrics, but he's come up with a... you'll have to see them after, Martin. He's been doing them for the last 12 months, some funny drawings, with a caption after them, just stupid stuff. He's got to keep his mind alert. But other times, like last album, I don't think he had any lyrics towards the last couple of weeks of recording. But we're not worried - we know that Lem will come up with it in the end. And with 'Orgasmatron', there's the perfect lyric for one song, and so we'd try to see where it would fit. There's no rules in music; that's the thing. You can write the best song in the world sitting on the toilet, in any country in the world, just thinking, and you can write the best music in the world in a five-star studio with three weeks' rehearsal in Los Angeles. There's no rules - it just comes."

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