MOTORHEAD - ...And The Horse They Rode In On Page 3
by Martin Popoff

But like Purple, like SABBATH even... don't call what Motorhead come up with "heavy metal." It's always amusing getting this sermon out of Lem, but doubly so when both he and Phil think so alike.

"Bluesy? Yes, it is," avows Campbell, "because I can't play heavy metal guitar. I'm a blues guitarist who plays the blues - that's what I play in my sleep. I can't do this metal, stuff like that. It's rock 'n' roll, heavy blues, like. We're a blues band, really, a rock 'n' roll band. We're not a thrash metal band or anything. The solos I'm playing tonight, it's blues all the way along (laughs)."

The Toronto gig about to happen that night would turn out to be a bit of an unwitting landmark, in that by our calculations, at close to 3000 Motorheadbangers, this would have to be the biggest headlining gig the band ever played in this city. Possibly the best sounding as well, even if Lemmy seemed a bit listless on the eve. But previous to this jaunt, the band was on familiar terrain as part of a big metal package, which allowed for some of Campbell's famous pranking... "On the last gig of the PRIEST tour," relates Phil, "I don't know if you saw this, but TESTAMENT thought they could outdo us for the last night prank, so I rode a horse on stage, during their gig. You heard about it, yeah? On the horse, dressed up and everything. (note: photos posted 9/4/08 in the HardRadio HardBoard Artist Discussion). And I distributed 150 USA Today to the crowd straight after, so when Ronnie came on with HEAVEN AND HELL, the first ten rows are all reading newspapers."