Megadeth Update: Two Albums Comin'
By Martin Popoff

Here's a refresher on what's going down in the very active Megadeth camp for ya. Currently on tour backing up Motley Crue in sheds all over North America, the band are set to release their greatest hits album as a contractual obligation spread for Capitol, followed by the completed new heavier studio album, on whatever the band's new label will be.

Dave Mustaine explained the shuffle to HardRadio pre-show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. "Well, the new record is finished, but the next record that will probably be released will be the greatest hits record. We had a contract with Capitol and my word is very important to me, my integrity and my honor, and I finished my contractual obligation with Capitol, gave them the record, and then we were done. And then we went back to them and said we want the record back (laughs). And they said OK, because the relationship has been productive but it's been very difficult with a lot of different presidents there. Some were great, some were not. Oddly enough, the guy that is there now was gracious enough to let us go. We just have to give them a couple of songs (ed. from the session for the next studio album, songs that will likely be replaced by a couple tracks from a future session) and they get the greatest hits record and we get our freedom. And the sad thing is we're going to miss a lot of people that have been there with us forever. You know, when you take on a new job it's like marrying into a family and you've got stepkids. You know, you want to love them, but you are also saying 'you little f**kers'. And we've always been the red-headed stepchildren with all these new presidents that come in. And consequently we're not the only ones who have had to suffer with administration change after administration change. With all due respect to all the presidents who have been there, they're all fine, professional people and I think they've all done really well for us helping us get to where we're at. But the time has come to make a change and we're grateful to Capitol that they are willing to let us go."

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