DAVE MUSTAINE - "Half These Little Farts Wouldn't Say This To My Face Cuz They'd Piss Their Pants If They Stood In Front Of Me"
by Tim Henderson

"I'm borrowing from the end of my life," begins MEGADETH's DAVE MUSTAINE when I ask where his never-ending energy supply is coming from these days. A wealth of consistent new music spewing out from Vic's Garage, and countless tours in support of his mission, the most recent being much-heralded opening slots on IRON MAIDEN's handful of exclusive US dates and BLACK SABBATH's recent trip to South America.

"I gotta tell ya, I've lived a lot longer than I thought I was going to," Mustaine laughs. "It's not like I'm fantasizing dying or anything like that, but when you are young and you are homeless, you kinda wonder if you are going to make it through the night. You know enough about the past and the way me and Dave Ellefson (bassist) lived, when I turned 50 I thought, 'God, I'm old.' And I look in the mirror and I don't look 50 and I get up on stage and I don't feel 50. Is 50 like the new 30? And I'm watching TV and I'm seeing all these people I watched growing up dying, and it's like, 'shit, death is inevitable, make the best that you can, while you can,' and that's why I've tried to appreciate things more."

And to keep life far from monotonous, maybe that's why their latest album Super Collider is another little curve ball from Megadeth, a record that emphasizes more the harmonious side of the band rather than their pugilistic past.

"It didn't start off that way honestly," Mustaine continues. "It started off with 'Kingmaker' and Shawn (Drover; drums) and Chris (Broderick; guitar) had 'Built For War' and 'Beginning Of Sorrows' up their sleeves, so we knew it was going to have a lot of heaviness to it. But there are also songs like 'Don't Turn Your Back', 'House Divided', 'All I Want' and stuff like that that didn't make the record which were heavy too. When you have 14 songs and you give it to the record label and you trust 'em, you just kind of go with it. And with our jump from Capitol into the independent market (Mustaine's own Tradecraft), it was like jumping into a pot of boiling water and it was a reality check. We never had to work so hard to try and get our ideas out and really feeling like you are alone. It wasn't really that the labels were doing it, it's that they were incapable of doing what we needed at a major label level. So we went back to Universal and they gave us control to do whatever we wanted. We turned the record in, they liked it and it's been a great experience."

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