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by Tim Henderson

"No. Tim, the label thing was a gift, it was a complete surprise. When we signed there I thought we are signing direct to Universal and then they said 'hey you want your own label' and 'I was like are you kidding?' It was like going up to young bachelor and saying, 'hey do you want this bus full of Hawaiian Tropic Bikini models?' And put it in perspective, I was like a kid in a candy store, although I'm not able to sign anybody right now because were still working on this campaign and developing the label. At some point we will, and I think it's really cool because I know how to treat a band because I'm in one. Being a label head now, is a little different. You tend to know what it takes and what you need to do. Sometimes you give advice to bands, they'll listen and once you walk out the door they'll say, 'what an asshole, he thinks he knows everything.' I made a lot of mistakes in my career, but I've always gotten through it and been victorious and I've never given up and never let adversity hold me down. Who would you rather have telling telling you how to get up off the floor, somebody who's never been knocked out or somebody that's being knocked down and has to find that intestinal fortitude to stand back up. I remember when I got my blue belt, I had to fight two guys for two hours and after I passed that test; all the black belts lined up and either punched me or kicked me in the stomach. And this one guy kicked me so hard he put me on the ground and I could not get up. But I kept saying, 'get up Dave, you got to get up,' and I stood up and I was ready to puke and my Sensei said that he was gonna take that instructors black belt and bring it back down to a brown belt again because it was unnecessary. I was standing there, I wasn't going to block it, I was just taking it. And that was part of the initiation. Some were trying to fake me out trying to see if I would flinch and I didn't. Some of them would just tap me and some of them would give me a bruise. I was pretty beat up after the two hours, because getting assaulted for two hours by two guys is a long, long time. An old Dave went down and a new Dave stood up, and I think that is the secret to life. You fall down seven times, you get up eight."

Not giving up the fight, the creative juices are flowing and the fans are loving this 'album every other year' routine. Many bands have never been so active since the '80s. There was a stretch in the '90s where you might see your favorite band release an album every three-four years. It brings us back to the heyday of heavy-metal where 'album-tour, album-tour, album-tour' was the norm.

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