DAVE MUSTAINE - "Half These Little Farts Wouldn't Say This To My Face Cuz They'd Piss Their Pants If They Stood In Front Of Me" Page 5
by Tim Henderson

"It's really weird with the illegal downloads and file transfers," he adds, "it's made record sales really nonexistent. It's gone from selling records to tour, now you tour to sell records. Fortunately we crossed over that precipice of just being a band with a back-line and a backdrop, saying that we're just gonna be like the heavy metal RAMONES, just slogging it out, to where we have production now. It was a hard thing to do, because you go out and tour with some of these bands and they've got inflatable's, fire, pyro, confetti and water canyons and dancing girls and stuff. How do you compete with that. And that's the band that's playing before you (Laughs). 'Hey clean all this shit off the stage!'"

Let's talk about a band member that hits close to home for us Canadians, your drummer Shawn. How is life with Mr. Drover these days. He's been in the band a long time so you must like his company (laughs!).

"Yeah I do," Mustaine agrees with a stern tone. "There is something enamouring about Canadian people, I have always felt that. I recently found out that my family actually lived in Canada for a while before they migrated down into Ohio. And Shawn had to be a smart-mouth and say that he knew that I was cool for a reason! I punched him. Truth be told, Shawn is one of the reasons why I keep it going out here. David Ellefson is like an ambassador and he's really great and stuff, but I am not as close with him as I am with Shawn. And Dave and I were best friends and such, but when Shawn and I met there was something that just clicked and there's been a lot of times he has taken me aside and said 'check this out' or 'we should do this', 'the fans kind of want this,' 'what do you think of playing this song.' And I will tell him, 'it's not going to be good ... we will do it live, but I promise you, when we start the song, by the time we finish the song, the beginning of the song is hitting the back of the building it's so fast. When you play those really fast songs in a big venue, it eventually starts to sound like mud. If we play 'Devils Island' or something like that, and then he'll say, 'you're right it sounded like shit, we should stick to songs that sound good live.' When you're in a smaller venue you can play some of those other songs if you want, because in a bigger venue it loses all of the dynamics. And that is my main job, our real fans are going to know the song and sing along to the song, but there's a lot of new people out there and we want to bring them along on this journey with us and get them interested in the music and what Megadeth is about. A lot of times you lean on the the songs like 'Sweating Bullets', or 'Symphony...' or 'Trust', songs that are real hooky and catchy. And then you hit them in the face with a 'Peace Sells', 'Tornado...' or a 'Holy Wars' and people go wow, these guys can really get it on. The hardest part of my difficult job is trying to pick out of our 200 songs we have. It's like if you have a whole bunch of kids and you can only put two of them in a life-raft who do you choose?"