Megadeth Update: Two Albums Comin' Page 2
By Martin Popoff

A new home for the next studio album is still in the works. "We're talking to some people now. We're almost at the definitive moment with a couple of people where we're going to tell them yea or nay. Some of the people we talked to, they would say no, or we would say no, or it was a mutual not interested."

Interstingly enough, the band had cleared the idea of calling their next studio album Capitol Punishment. All was cool there, and now that the band have that album back, Dave wants to call it something else, while Capitol will be calling the greatest hits album Capitol Punishment.

The next studio album is looking to be a decidedly more metal affair than the ill-received Risk album. Judging from the two new tracks aired so far, Kill The King and Return To Hangar, this seems pretty accurate. Both rock with might. Here's some assorted comments from Mega-Dave on the new album, not really scheduled at all, just ready to roll, likely early in the new year.

"There was only one session of the new album. We just went in and hammered it out from beginning to end. The basic tracking was done A&M Studios in Hollywood, and it's no longer called A&M now. It was bought by the Henson Muppet company, whatever. It's like Muppet rock now (laughs). And we did the overdubs at The Salt Mine in Mesa, Arizona and we did the mixing at a place called Scream in Studio City, California."

No Nashville this time? "No. We're done with that whole thing. I mean, we love the people in Nashville, Tennessee and I think that Jeff Balding and Dann Huff are terrific people. We just kind of lost sight of what Megadeth's core charter is. This is a metal band, a hard rock band. It's not an alternative band, and it's not pop. Granted, we're not an ugly band into babies on swords and shit like that like a lot of these wankers are. But we've got to do what we do, which is put our head down and hammer it out."

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