Pete Agnew of NAZARETH - Interview, Nov. 10 '08
by Martin Popoff

First question, how about a bit of a contrast of this new album with Boogaloo?

I think this one is a more diverse album, a more diverse kind of music. And Boogaloo is very much more rhythm and blues-based, rhythm and blues rock-based thing. But with this one, there are a lot of songs on this one, and different people, everybody in the band wrote songs, individually, a lot more on this album than they did with Boogaloo. Boogaloo was pretty much a band effort. There are a few things on this one, obviously, that are all a band effort or it but there are individual songs, and those songs are different from the other guy songs' and then we just tried to tie together with our sound. And I think that is the main difference between the two albums.

Is there production philosophy? I mean, it does sound grittier and more alive? Did Yann do anything fairly interesting?

Well, yeah, Yann's a good lad; he is really young, and he's never done a rock album with a band like us before, so he was a little bit nervous going into the thing. But we told him what we were trying to create. We told him we didn't want to sound flash, with an Aerosmith-type production. It's more, as you say, nitty-gritty, like they just invented the studio, that kind of thing. And I think we achieved that. It sounds like the record could have been made in the '70s, but it was made now (laughs).

It sounds like an album that would be a lot of fun for a bass player as well. Is it is a good, funky, rhythmic album to you?

Yeah, it was great. It was really good, that there were so many kinds of different things to play. There are a few straightforward things like Day At The Beach... oh, I keep forgetting the titles. The opening track, Goin' Loco, and Liar. There weren't actually two tracks the same. It was funny actually, because when we did the album, Roger, Roger Glover, who's a good pal of ours from Deep Purple, and Roger, his girlfriend lives in Switzerland, so he came up to the studio just to visit for a day. After we had done most of the album, and that was one of the things he commented on. He said, 'It must've been a lot of fun playing bass on this album' (laughs). And he noticed it right away, and I said yes, it was.

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