Pete Agnew of NAZARETH - Interview, Nov. 10 '08 Page 6
by Martin Popoff

General question, Darrel as a drummer, and you guys as a rhythm section? How did you guys lock in? What kind of a drummer was Darrel?

Oh, he was a great drummer. I mean, I've played with Darrel since he was 16, when he joined us, as the Chevettes, so we go way, way back. We got on very, very well together, and we played together that much, so when you started in to any song, we just automatically locked in. We just did, without even thinking about it. I think we saw the thing getting played the same way.

Do you remember who you went out on tour with for No Mean City, where you went?

Well, we did a whole world tour, really. We started in England, and I think the band was called Silverhead, Des, that lot. And we did some dates in Europe. I don't think there wasn't anybody with this in Europe. We came over to the states, and we did the states with, I think it was Thin Lizzy, out there with us. And somebody else, and then at the end of the tour for the last two weeks, we had Blackfoot. I remember that. Whoever else, I can't remember. I know it was a big world tour that we did. I remember because of the backdrop that we had, with Fred on it and everything. It used to drive the road crew mad, putting this thing up every night.

Was it unwieldy?

It was huge, I mean, you wouldn't do that nowadays. You would do it with a very light fabric, but at that time, the record company had this made up and it was the size of a house, and it was made out of cloth, and it was almost velvet and it weighed a ton, maybe two tons, and we had to suspend this thing every night, off of light rigs and things that we used to bring. We made them work for their money.

Did you have Jethro Tull's mobile there... is that where Ian owns all that land? Or is he on the mainland with all that?

No no, we got the mobile sent over from London, to the Isle of Man. No, Ian lives up in Scotland. He's from, no, he had a big fish farm up in Scotland. No, the mobile was, Maison Rouge was the name of the studio that he had. He had the studio and the mobile. A lot of bands used that.

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