NEW YORK DOLLS - "Hard Pill To Swallow" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

I reminded Syl that in talking to him about five years back, he had told me that David had declined previous overtures, saying words to the effect, "Nah, I'm too old to be shaking my ass up there."

"You know what?" counters Sylvain. "I think, maybe that's what I thought. Because I think you still have it in you, this thing. His taste in music... for David anyways, he was never really a musician. He was always influenced by whatever record company he was with, and whatever success they had at that time. And he's probably had more success than all of us. But I don't know, I think it was just time. And sometime, no matter how screwed up we could be, when time passes, it answers a lot of questions. But David's loving it, yeah. You know, to him it's a new life, a new beginning, a resurrection. And you're going to see that (referring to the live show later that night); you're really going to notice that."

When reminded of the band's legacy, not only to punk, but to heavy metal, Sylvain demurs, like any... punk. "Heavy metal to us was T REX, JIMI HENDRIX. You know, because we hated it. We fought against all that. Heavy metal to us was big stadium rock, and we were a club band. We were right in your face and we wanted to touch you and we wanted you to touch us. And we still bring that up to our audiences, into our performance. We're still a touchable type of band. We're still making music that can be heard and loved in about half a second."

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