NEW YORK DOLLS - "Hard Pill To Swallow" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

There really ain't a whole lot of darn news on the Dolls. The present tour is quite scant and scattered, just like the band's meager existence to date. Check out for the band's handful of dates through July and August. In closing, I asked Syl how much gas the band has left in the tank.

"Well, we started with just one show, the MORRISSEY thing, the Meltdown Festival last summer, a year ago, actually, the 16th (ed. Morrissey, a big fan, was actually key in getting the band back together). And now we're basically... it started out with that, and then the phone just didn't stop ringing, and it's been going on. And I think, to answer your question, when that phone stops ringing. In other words, when the kids don't want us anymore, I think that's it - when the love fades."