Nashville Pussy - Hot Rods & Motorheads
by Martin Popoff

Any band that names themselves after a Ted Nugent live album rap has got to be going places. And currently, that place is keeping up cheek to jowl to muttonchop with Lemmy and his trio of Motorheads, Nashville Pussy currently criss-crossing North America as revved up support act to the noise masters from Jolly ol'.

Much press buzz has ensued for this co-ed posse (two guys, two gals), but the band has seen a roadbump in their first album going out of print due to record company politics, or as guitarist/howler Blaine Cartwright puts it "a bunch of shit that the average music person doesn't give a f*** about and rightly so."

So the band has adjusted their leathers and sidled off to new label digs, TVT being the proud owners of album #2 entitled High As Hell. Blaine lays down the law on the new wax. "The new one might be slower. I hate to say the word slower, because I don't want to turn anybody off. It's still fast, it's still AC/DC, but the last one was more of like a punk rock version of Motorhead. This one still has that that, but there's a lot more AC/DC. It's a lot better sounding, better songs, longer songs and better guitar solos and some Skynyrd in there also. We are finally becoming our image, the way the press always made us out. Because before, we were playing just basic bar chord punk rock, and because of the way we dressed or where we were from, people were saying we were like Lynyrd Skynyrd or AC/DC."

So uh, just where are you guys from? "The band is from Atlanta, Georgia, and we have one Canadian in the band, my wife (ed. Ruyter Suys-guitar). She's from Vancouver, and our bass player (ed. Corey Parks) is from Huntington Beach, California and she's lived everywhere. I met my wife in Saskatchewan. Me and the drummer Jeremy (ed. Thompson) are the actual southerners in the band. I was born and raised in Kentucky and he was an army brat, or air force brat I think, but he was born in Mississippi and lived in Austin, Texas most of his life. But we are four people who are very, very comfortable with moving and traveling. And we don't think much of it or get too upset about things. It just worked out really well that way."

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