Nashville Pussy - Hot Rods & Motorheads Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Good thing, as Nashville Pussy have indeed toured regularly, spreading their firebrand of southern-fried biker metal far and wide. Nashville Pussy are no less than a phenom, a stark look with the babes in cowboy hats, equally distinct through Blaine's redneck, beer belly anchoring of center saloon. And I dare say, they've even caused a bit of a movement kicking up dust behind them. Does Blaine see a backlash coming? "Not yet. I think we're so far ahead. I know that it's going to happen, but the way we feel is, you know, you just get into a hot rod and you put your foot to the floor and you don't look back. So I figure by the time anybody thinks about copying us we'll be so far down the road. They're either not going to get the songs, or they won't have the energy, or the original idea or the personality nor would they have the musical talent. If there are two women in there, I doubt they're as good, and I doubt they're as breathtaking as our bass player. I doubt anybody's gonna look like her, or that they're going to play as well as Ruyter. So if there is anybody copying us, you know, I haven't seen them."

Corey pipes in, "they're all imitations. There's only one real deal. I haven't seen anybody really copying us yet. I've seen a lot of girls wearing cowboy hats, ripping my style."

"Yeah," sez Blaine, "and two or three issues ago in Rolling Stone, there was Britney Spears wearing the exact same outfit that Ruyter wore to the Grammys and she was looking really good, so it's cool."

Corey: "16 year-old girls riding around in tight pants and halter tops is okay by me (laughs)." Blaine vehemently agrees. "Yeah, that's cool by me too, because like the '80s were really conservative as far as young pre-teen girls go. It's about time. They need to like, show themselves (laughs)."