TED NUGENT - Intensity In Ted's Cities
By Martin Popoff

With seven guys on stage with names like Lynyrd and Skynyrd, plus two back-up singers who have many of their own stories to tell, it's hard to be a back-up with yer backside up. Hard, that is, for anybody but Deadly Tedly, the Tedinator, the Whackmaster, the Gonzo Motor City Madman, his modest self, a frighteningly more-than-spry 52-year-old Ted Nugent. Fact be, Ted and his vicious power trio, maybe the best in the biz, are more than up to the whack task, as you will be able to witness over the next staggering four months as Skynyrd, Ted and Deep Purple stomp through Canada and America, pellet guns aimed at mullets, necks better Ted than red. The Ted Nugent band, well... they are a clear metallic hi-fidelity show of six powerful hands, filling their one hour slot with all the classics, no fat, all blood and bone, three outnumbered soldiers doing a show that just might, on select nights, send two highly populous bands scurrying to the corners with their copies of Classic Rock magazine. A fury which you will be able to experience for yourself, even if you miss the live majesty of this tour, simply by snapping up the band's new live album Full Bluntal Nugity (out June 5), featuring Ted, backed by the equally awesome Tommy Aldridge and Marco Mendoza.

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