TED NUGENT - "Hey God, Thanks For The Gift Of Life. I Think I'll Poison It."
by Martin Popoff

Ted Nugent is likely deeply ensconced in hunting season right now. But he can sit camouflaged, saddle sore and satisfied that he's unleashed a more than strong record in Love Grenade, out now on Eagle Records - for a full feature on the album, see BW&BK #107. In he meantime, strap yourself in for some straight talk...

"You know, I get stiff after I dance like an idiot every night on stage," comments the Whackmaster, asked how in the' hell he can keep killing crowds live every night. "I feel like I should be wearing some kind of brace. But I've got to tell you, compared to all the other buddies that I know that are 59, I ain't gonna complain. Because I'm still athletic, energized... the footwork, the athleticism, is just stupid. And it's because I take good care of myself."

Do any of your doctors tell you, 'Man your knees are a mess; your back is a mess.'?

"No they haven't, even though my knees are a mess, because of jumping off the amps all those years. I mean, some mornings I'll get up and I have to take a few minutes and slowly flex my legs because of all the years of jumping off those amps. But I've got to tell you, for 59, I can run with the best of them. I'm a lucky man. I'm doing the sign of the cross right now while I tell you that (laughs). But again, it's about healthy living and an intelligent diet. And not enough can be said about the venison that I eat. It is rocket fuel. And the discipline of eating organic fruits and vegetables and good water and quality dairy products, and no processed foods, and minimal red meat. And I say minimal compared to the average glutton out there who eats f**king 12 ounce and 16 ounce steaks. That's a Nugent dinner for four! I mean, my back straps are maybe six to eight ounces - maybe! And I eat fish three or four times a week. I'm healthy motherf**ker. Yeah, I weigh 210 pounds now and when I graduated from high school I was 175. But I'm not fat, and I remain buoyant and lively for an old f**k."

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