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by Martin Popoff

You're right - you walk into a restaurant these days, especially in the states, and the portions are disgusting.

"Yes, and you know what, Martin, I don't know how you can convey this in your article. I'm sure you will do it with some sincerity and aplomb, but I watched the VAN HALEN press conference on the Internet. And I just have nothing but glowing admiration for Alex, just a superlative virtuoso, and Eddie, maybe one of the top two or three musical geniuses who ever lived, and David is just the quintessential showman, clever guy, great vocalist, true soulful rocker. But there's Eddie's son - is he only like... what, 17?! And he's got blubber?! The kid is fat. And I'll tell you why. The same abandonment - which is the number one crime against your soul - the abandonment of discipline that allows Eddie to rationalize smoking cigarettes, or all those years of the drugs and the alcohol. It's the same abandonment of parental discipline that allows his own child to become unhealthy and blubberous. And I find that just damnable. If I was his dad, I would put that motherf**ker on a treadmill and I would watch what Mr. Hand is bringing up to Mr. Fat Face."

And when you see it in the schools, starting at five or six years old, those kids are going to battling that weight for the rest of their lives.

"Oh, for god sakes! And it's about discipline. Now, you check out my four children. f**king decathlon masters. Firm, athletic, muscular, bright. They have good posture. They stand up straight. They carry themselves with dignity. And you know, if this offends anybody, f**k you! If you're offended by my words, that would be guilt. Look in the mirror and get the f**k going and upgrade. I'm 59 and I still stand erect - come on! I'm in the airport every day and some of the f**king beached sperm whales I see walking around, it's an embarrassment. It's like saying, 'Hey God, thanks for the gift of life. I think I'll poison it.' I find it just delirious."

65% of people in North America are now overweight, and half of those are classed as obese.

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