TED NUGENT - Intensity In Ted's Cities Page 2
By Martin Popoff

But no one can explain the sity-ation better than Ted, so without further bait-chasin', here's the scope, er, scoop on the Nugity New Year's Eve gig that resulted in this flaming arrow of a live album.

"Well, there's nothing in the realm of little that can begin to describe it," begins Ted, after much coaxing to please come out of his shell. "Basically, I can hardly stand myself so God knows what the paying customer must be going through. The fact that I have Tommy Aldridge on the drums, who is without question the world's greatest living drummer, and Marco Mendoza on the bass guitar... there is no question that Marco Mendoza is the world class virtuoso bassist that Tommy is as a drummer. And to be surrounded by these kind of... you know, I'll let you know what planet they're from when I find out. These guys are so heart and soul, so dedicated to their musical vision, that when they apply that musical vision to my musical vision, white people shit blood, which is my goal."

But trouble is afoot. "Just a second. There's a cat climbing on my wife's computer. I've got the answer on my right hip."

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