TED NUGENT - Intensity In Ted's Cities Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Detroit pussy now decorating the walls, Ted takes renewed aim at Full Bluntal Nugity. "Anyway, the intensity, when you hear it, I'm sorry, there is nothing that will prepare you for it. Double Live Gonzo pretty much set the benchmark for over-the-top, intense, energized rhythm and blues from semi-Caucasian idiots. And this new one, it kills Double Live Gonzo. The fact that we had done hundreds and hundreds of concerts together, and culminating in all places at a private campfire in Detroit with 35,000 of my closest friends, my closest hunting buddies, the unified energy level is just stupefying. And yes, it's mostly classic Nugent stuff that I've played a gazillion times but I'm a real lucky f**k in that I escape the sonic bombast naked dance every year - as I've done all my life - and put down the flame-throwing guitar and I pick up a bow and arrow and I vanish and becomes silent and peaceful and spiritual and solitary and immobilized. That's really what my bow hunting represents. Although I climb mountains and breaststroke beaver ponds, I nevertheless shut down, shut up and vanish. So when it's time to play the guitar, literally at the age of 52, it's as if I'm 9-year-old Ted grabbing the guitar in the garage, 1958."

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