TED NUGENT - "I'm Getting Ready To Get In The Studio; I Have Some Killer Licks, Riffs And Powerhouses ... And We Love The Music"
by Martin Popoff

A mind-meld with the Tedinator is always a wild ride of cunning linguistics, but this particular summit... we had the added history of myself having just written and published a 290-page nipple-twister called Epic Ted Nugent. Would the wild boar from Texas gore me? Of course not!

"Martin, continue popping off! Thanks for your interest in my music. I love this shit, and anybody else who loves it, I love them. Godspeed, man."

Appreciating the sentiments fully, it was onto the business at hand, namely a celebration of the first TED NUGENT live album and DVD to feature what is becoming a stable, yet smouldering and smoking lineup for Ted, namely, his bad self, plus Greg Smith on bass, Wild Mick Brown on Moon-meets-Clufetos ground and pound, and the return of Derek St. Holmes on soulful co-lead vocals fer miles.

"I mean, my goodness, the LITTLE RICHARD dream is alive and well in 2013," proclaims Ted, asked about the impending release of Ultralive Ballisticrock, deafening ears on October 22. "You know, I've always been surrounded by the world's greatest musicians. You can go back even to before the AMBOY DUKES were documented on record. My band THE LOURDES won the battle of the bands in Detroit, in 1963, against unbelievably killer rock 'n' roll bands, with the kind of musical authority that ended up creating, you know, MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS, the MC5, BOB SEGER and KID ROCK, and certainly the power and the soulful authority of what Motown had taught us. You see, the original creators of this incredible music, the black gods, were already the most influential in Detroit because of MITCH RYDER. He delivered it to us before they changed their name from BILLY LEE & THE RIVIERAS, so the competition to play tight, authoritative, powerful, soulful and really in the pocket, was already established in Detroit before the ROLLING STONES were even aware of it. But of course, the ROLLING STONES, the BEATLES, the KINKS, THE WHO and LED ZEPPELIN, eventually all of us, you know, as epitomized by ZZ TOP and AEROSMITH and my band, we were already tuned into that black authority, HOWLIN' WOLF, MUDDY WATERS, LIGHTNING HOPKINS, MOSE ALLISON, and certainly CHUCK BERRY, BO DIDDLEY, Little Richard, my God, for God sakes, James Brown, Wilson Pickett. And so our soulful influences are what pushed us to win the battle of the bands in '63."

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