TED NUGENT - "I'm Getting Ready To Get In The Studio; I Have Some Killer Licks, Riffs And Powerhouses ... And We Love The Music" Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Well, again, I knows what his talents are," says Ted, no doubt packing for hunting season as we speak, the time of year that Ted forsakes music until the snows start to thaw. "These guys are so gifted, they're so passionate about the music, and they want to play my songs. I love my songs. And even though Derek wrote 'Hey Baby', I consider it my song (laughs). And I hug him when I tell him that. We both get a good chuckle out of it. Because I... my guitar statement, my guitar voice, it's just like what you witness on DAMN YANKEES. That's why I was the co-writer in every one of those Damn Yankees songs. Because as soon as I unleash my guitar playing on a song, it's got my signature on it. It's got my identity, it's got my, dare I say, authority, upon it. And so when I hear a guy like Greg Smith, and Mick Brown sing, these guys got incredible voices. Wait 'til you hear them on 'Queen Of The Forest'. I mean, the harmonies and the vocal power that they bring to every song, I knew that Greg could sing the lead on 'Need You Bad' beautifully, perfectly, with authority. I keep referring to the term authority, but that really is what you have to have when you own a piece of music. You have to sound like you are the music, that there is authoritative connection with the spirit of the song."

There's new music on this album in the form of 'I Still Believe' but for a heaping helping of backstraps, we'll have to wait until next year.

"I'm getting ready next February/March, to get in the studio, Martin. Your cravings for real, American, rhythm and blues, driven rock 'n' roll will be very, very happy when you hear my new songs (laughs). I have some killer licks and riffs and powerhouses, and we love the music. We can't wait to record. We'll all be in the studio by February.

"My writing process... it's kind of like a good shit," laughs Ted, riffing and riffing some more. "I really eat good food, and my plumbing processes work really purely. It's a pure plumbing system. And so my musical plumbing (laughs), whether it's mental or just spiritual, and God knows physical, I live life so to the fullest, that by being clean and sober, it makes my radar, my life's radar work perfectly. And I mean, it really does. I just don't miss nuthin'. I'm aware of all the positives, all the good, all the good, and all the ugly, which is life. And of course I'm... I reference the Marines, improvise and overcome, which is to optimize the good, while never denying the bad, the ugly, and fighting against the ugly and bad, whether it's political or social, you know, pain, suffering, people that I meet with, charity work, you acknowledge the ugly. You fight to minimize it, so that you can bring as much good as possible."

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