TED NUGENT - "I'm Getting Ready To Get In The Studio; I Have Some Killer Licks, Riffs And Powerhouses ... And We Love The Music" Page 5
by Martin Popoff

"And with that positive attitude, without being in denial against the negatives, my music is just... It's so raw, it's so primal, and whether you're listening to 'Cat Scratch' or 'Stranglehold' or 'Love Grenade', and what I think may be my greatest song ever, 'Crave', my gosh, what a riff. What a lyric. What a statement that song is. If you listen to that, and 'I Still Believe', or 'I Love My BBQ', which I believe there's still a free download at my website, it's a spontaneous grabbing of the guitar, which defines all my songwriting, grab it, plug it in, smash some riffs and a new, killer pattern comes up. Every time, Martin. Ask any of my musicians. I can't pick up a guitar without coming up with this powerhouse lick, where all my musicians go, 'What's that?!' 'I don't know, I've never played it before, but it's cool as all hell' (laughs)."

"And it's the foundation of a great song, whether you listen to 'Paperback Writer' or 'Satisfaction' or 'Walk This Way' or 'Back In Black' or 'Cat Scratch Fever' or 'Crave' or 'Still Alive And Well' or 'I Still Believe'. These are just killer, rock, organic, uninhibited primal garage band explosions. And even at the age of 65, are you kidding me, Martin?! It's still as raw and youthful and inspired as the first time I ever played 'Walk Don't Run'. So I'm a lucky, lucky musician, when it comes to that. It's like archery. It's Zen. It's Ironman athleticism. You can't think about it; you have to just do it. It will happen if you train and create muscle memory and spirit memory, and that's what my music is like."

"So 'I Still Believe' is as raw and nasty as the demo. I just went in, and a half hour later, I came out, with 'I Still Believe' and 'I Love My BBQ'. So it doesn't have the nurtured, final tonation, you know what I mean? You gotta really work to make the bass big and nasty and fat. You have to really work to make the guitar, the recording process, capture the richness and depth of the guitar tone. You just can't slap a mic on every time and expect it to be perfect. So you've got to find that centimetre of the speaker where... and which mic captures it best? Now, we did not do that on those two demos. But again, the unleashed honesty of both those tracks is immediately apparent. And as a guy that grasped the dynamic of Love Grenade and 'Crave', wouldn't you agree that the 'I Still Believe' demo that you can free download is what rock 'n' roll is supposed to be? I think it is!"

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