TED NUGENT - "I'm Getting Ready To Get In The Studio; I Have Some Killer Licks, Riffs And Powerhouses ... And We Love The Music" Page 6
by Martin Popoff

Look, now wasn't that fun? This writer has taken in a lot of hate mails (painfully, even from folks owning my whole heaving library) for writing Epic Ted Nugent, which is essentially a big, thick book proselytizing as to the joy of life that is Ted Nugent's music, not an ounce of politics in it. Of course, we all see the elephant in the room, but I implore you to clean your spectacles and see something else, namely the spirit of the wild evidenced in the above sermon on the rock 'n' roll mount. It's been confirmed for this lowly scribe through Craveman and Love Grenade (Ted's two best albums ever-seriously, before squawking, go listen... all the way through), and y'know, it's been confirmed again through 'I Still Believe' and "I Love My BBQ', two weird, charming, humourous, complicated and grindingly performed tracks of Ted whackmaster whack that bode well for new music next year from Ted and his well-attuned commandos of rock.