TED NUGENT - Intensity In Ted's Cities Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"It's a rebirth every year because there's nothing like sonic bombast and feedbacked guitars and illegally pummeling rhythms to satisfy the cravings of a man who has been quiet and sitting still for four months. You know what I'm saying? So when you sleep good, you're energized and my hunting is basically a battery-recharging orgy. So what we've got here on record is a guy who... every year my hunting season gets longer, more intense, but intense in opposite manifestations, i.e. silence. So after all those months of solitary immobilized silence I want to rip people's heads clean off and poop down their neck! And Tommy and Marco love that attitude and love that energy and love that outrage and so they absolutely invest every ounce of piss, vinegar and heart and soul and blood and guts into it and we recorded it, we actually captured it. I could hardly function in the studio mixing this stuff because there are no overdubs, no repairs, no alterations. We merely balanced the instrumentation for sheer outrage. It's a race, and we all crossed the finish line neck and neck, photo finish. And I am just so beside myself - and enjoying my company - that I captured this outrage."

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