TED NUGENT - Intensity In Ted's Cities Page 5
By Martin Popoff

And which particular Nugent compositions have been chosen for this slaughter?

"There is one new song called 'Clusterf**k', it's a love song, spelled 'KLSTRPHK', a military term for, 'damn it, we're going to get this right one of these days.' And it's just a magic moment for me and my trusty Gibson guitar. We do some of the master blasters, 'Cat Scratch Fever', 'Yank Me Crank Me', 'Hey Baby', 'Stranglehold', 'Great White Buffalo' and 'Fred Bear' acoustic, which is just ridiculous, it's so intense, the way the acoustic guitar was meant to be. No wonder the guy from the Mamas And Papas died. He probably heard this, no offense of course. It just goes on and on. There's a version of 'Motor City Madhouse' that I don't think should be legal to play in a vehicle while the motor's running. It's just ridiculous. I listen to it and I go 'Oh my God! What's that!? Who does he think he is!?' I mean, I've just never heard anything like it."