OSI - Give Blood!
by Martin Popoff

Prog metal can get pretty stupid and sterile at times, but nonetheless a few shafts of fresh light break through the clump of clouds made up of little droplets housing Dream Theater clones from every nation of stagnation. Witness Opeth or Porcupine Tree or, hell yeah, even Rush, who find themselves weirder than the rule-stayers influenced by them and dedicating their lives to them. And doing an' being a project usually doesn't help much either (zzz), although magic can come. Please witness once again, this time, setting firmly in your sites OSI, a collaboration between guitarist Jim Matheos from Fates Warning and Kevin Moore from Chroma Key, houser and schnauzer of one of the masterpieces of the new ml., 2004's Graveyard Mountain Home, a vaulted and exalted album so deep in the fiber of my being, that once I got scheduled to interview Moore for it, I had to get loaded just to contemplate talking to him.

I figured that damn record - music written and set to a slo-mo version of a trippy high school guidance film - must have caused some weird level of fan obsession, that is, besides myself and fellow scribe David Perri... "No, it just scared the hell out of everybody," laughs Moore. "I don't think anybody got obsessive about it. As I had hoped." (If only he knew - we are quiet about it, even a little embarrassed).

Anyway, OSI has, through three records now, been causing its own dose of fan adulation, even if a more level-headed response makes more sense. The sound of the band - a sort of two-tiered reality oscillating between gauzily feverish and pointedly panicked - is really starting to take root, to be established, if as much by the mounting evidence as from the work within Blood, the new record, which nonetheless, seems more focused and assured.

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