OSI - Give Blood! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"Yeah, I would say so, because I think we sort of distilled the idea of what OSI is supposed to be," ventures Moore. "I think the first two, you could tell that we were sort of trying out as many different things as we could, and just seeing what felt good, you know? And I think on this one, by now I think we understand what we were going for, and the mood of what OSI is. So yeah, it's a little more gelled."

So what are those main ingredients, do you think?

"I think it's a mood. I think it's trance music... not trance music, but a hypnotizing mood, mixed with a kind of shock. To wake you up every once in awhile. Something that is kind of surreal, maybe?"

What seem like obvious influences - Eno's mind-bending vocals albums, Peter Gabriel's third and fourth, Berlin-era Bowie - don't get much of a rise, through the mention thereof... "I don't think about that stuff, but I don't know what would be coming out of my mouth if I never would've listened to Peter Gabriel - I never would've opened my mouth. Just because... you don't have to be an opera singer to sing over metal, or to sing over progressive metal. If there is a mood to it, then it still works."

What Moore seems to be getting at is something about his vocals, an intriguing layer within the OSI sleepwalk to and through the edge, his voice being... well, we've all said it many times so it's no longer really interesting or new, but, yeah, world-weary. That's basically perfect. There's an element of Wire, hard to love post-punk, even Alan Parsons to the guy's ague-with-glue articulation. Does he buy that sleepwalking bit?

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