OSI - Give Blood! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Yes, like I said, I think it's kind of like that, mixed with, you know, when you wake up and you realize... you're about to be killed. No, I don't know (laughs). Yeah, it's sleepwalking, and then shock."

No more Mike Portnoy on the drum end of it. Porcupine Tree's smilin' Gavin Harrison was the pick to drive the machine Spiderman-like up the building and in through the vents on the top. "It's a totally different working process," says Moore, asked as to the contrast. "With Mike, we worked in the studio. Jim and I and Mike got together in the studio and worked for a few days. And on this one, Gavin was working with us the same way Jim and I work with each other, which is long distance. He was in England working in his studio and sending files back and forth to us. And so there was a lot more time, it was a lot more relaxed, and it was just as much input and back and forth, really, but it just took a lot longer. Gavin... he's not like a metal player. And so his strengths are more in his laid-back, almost jazzy feel, incorporating that into some of the more trance-like parts or trance-light tracks."

Why Blood? Why this cover?

"The thing is, with covers and titles, both of those things, it doesn't always have a deliberate meaning. It just feels right. There is always that thing, 'What if we have to explain it someday? They're going to ask!' But it doesn't have any literal meaning except that it feels right. Blood has to do with things within relationships, and maybe war, politics, stuff like that. But just in a general way. It feels right when you think about the music anyway, and you see that cover and read the title."

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