OSI - Give Blood! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

How about, if you don't mind, a little elaboration on a lyric or two that you really like? Can you give me a bit of the story behind one of them?

"Martin, please don't make me do that (laughs). You'll just get me in so much trouble. Because like I said, a lot of it is based on relationships. And once I start talking, man, bad things will come out."

OK, well, will there be good things coming out too, like finally, an OSI tour?

"No - we're saying no this time. Every other album, we said, when we were doing interviews, we would try to make it happen. 'We'll make it happen; we'll see.' And things just didn't work out, for one reason or another. So we're saying no right now. And I think it's due to... it's sort of that we're at an awkward level, maybe not an awkward level, maybe just a small level. We're just... these albums are basically two producers, really. I mean, we're performing them, but we're just tracking. So we don't even really play the albums; we don't play the songs, together. We've never played a lot of the songs together. So, well, that can be overcome, but the idea is, since we're only two guys, we would need at least a few other musicians to perform it, and that involves a lot of rehearsal, particularly because we've never even played it before. So you're talking a lot of rehearsal time, and touring time, with a lot of musicians, and as I said, at the level we're at, it hasn't become feasible yet. With all that. We're just happy to be able to keep being able to make the records..."