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by Martin Popoff

"I always kind of delve into the imagination to find inspiration," continues Blitz, asked about favourite lyrical spots amongst the album's ten sturdy tracks. "And it usually takes me somewhere else, and probably my first stop after imagination and let's say, interest, is going to be Google (laughs). I think like everybody else. I would be a liar if I said, 'I've been reading Hemingway for years.' Not true. There's Dante's Inferno and the nine rings of hell in 'Hell Is', which I thought was always very interesting, that far back. I thought it was interesting that they put... I think they put the fornicators and the unchristened in the same ring (laughs). I said, 'Somebody that was into metal must have written this.' Wrong! (laughs). And 'Skull And Bones' which was sung with Randy from Lamb Of God, is a secret society from Yale University, which two of our recent presidents belong to, and some of our older ones as well, who graduated from there. It was an interest I had with regard to the History Channel, and then went deeper and deeper into it."

"Usually when I write, I write internally, about what's happened over the X amount of months, between the last time I dropped a pen, to when I pick it up again. I just start throwing all those ideas down. It's the internal struggle. But at the same time, I always have the opportunity to dispense of that struggle through lyrics. So it really becomes kind of a therapeutic exercise for me. And I think a lot of people who listen to us, you know, you may not get it straight off, but there is something that is identifiable in there. And to identify with something that was written by someone else who is going through that, I think brings you closer to it; it makes it that much more personal. So that's the majority of the lyrics. But those other two, Dante's Inferno and the secret society were, let's say, outside that internal struggle."

Commenting on the rock 'n' rollsy 'Walk Through Fire', sure to sell more pints at the bar than any holler-along since 'Hello From The Gutter', Blitz figures, "You know, there is never a pre-thought. We're just spread out over many genres - not surprising, given how many records we have. We're obviously a thrash and metal band, but there are different likes and dislikes of certain things, and you know, whether it be the old school that was on ReliXIV, which is very punky... I've heard people describe 'Walk Through Fire' as AC/DC on steroids. And I think they all kind of show their heads. Everything from thrash to Black Sabbath to this and that, I would say it all adds up to the multifaceted, multi-pronged attack of Overkill. That's just the way it is. We've messed in that area once or twice before, but this one came out cool, I thought."

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