OVERLORDE - Underground. True. Worldwide.
by Martin Popoff

New Jersey proto-power metalists Overlorde have figured out how to build on an intriguing and short-lived '80s past, return with all their faculties in place, and triumph with an album (that would be '04's Return Of The Snow Giant), that took them all the way to Greece to find a label. Worldwide press and praise was the result of this cross-Atlantic hook-up and now the band is set to work up a follow-up.

"Well we've been identifying some older songs that we haven't released yet from the '80s to record," says band leader Mark Edwards. "Also, Bobby has been writing some songs and Kong has one he has written. In the near future we should be gathering to start learning them, write some tunes from scratch together, and then record demos for our label, Sonic Age Records, to hear. The last album was basically all tunes we had written in the '80s. And since Bobby did not join until 2000 when we reunited, he had less input on that CD. So this time the new CD will have less material we wrote in the '80s, if any, and Bobby will be a greater creative force."

Pressed for some of the new titles, Mark says, "Bobby wrote songs named Troy and The Mummy, which are self explanatory. Kong has a song titled Gargoyles, about magical gargoyles that guard a castle. Some of the old songs, if we use them, would include titles like Trial By Ordeal about the Spanish Inquisition, as well as Nor Crystal Tears and Rhyme Of The Wind which have mystical lyrics. Nor Crystal Tears is a strange one, really mystical yet with power. Bobby is really looking forward to singing it. He feels it will really showcase his diversity."

"I just try to write good tunes from a good perspective," says Mark, asked for lyrical influences. "But I won't be bringing any lyrics to the band this time, at least not for any new songs. But for some non-Overlorde tunes I have been writing, I have been drawing on my love of history. Especially World Wars I and II. But personally, I've gotten a lot of ideas from fantasy and history - books and movies. Bobby is influenced by horror as well as fantasy, like with our song Mark Of The Wolf, while Kong is interested in apocalyptic themes."

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