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by Martin Popoff

Mark provides a bit of an Overlorde overview. "John 'Kong' Bunucci and I formed the band in 1985 in New Jersey. We performed our first show at The Showplace in Dover after Dave Wrenn joined on drums. Kong sang and played bass while I handled the guitar duties. In early 1986 we got Pat O'Donnell to take over vocals and with this lineup we recorded a five song EP that we self-released on vinyl using our own Strike Zone Records in 1987. It was meant to be a stepping stone to a label deal, much like the Queensryche EP had been for Queensryche. But we parted ways with Pat, got Rod Tyler Loiza on vocals, then ended up disbanding in late 1988 or early 1989. Kong and I stayed good friends in the '90s and I was in occasional touch with Dave. We all pursued music on some level but nobody ever became a signed artist. In December 1999 we began hearing from fans. It turned out the EP had become an underground classic. So we looked into reuniting, and decided to do so in 2000. But instead of asking any of the prior singers to join us, we ended up hooking up with Bobby 'Leather Lungs' Lucas, who had sung on the first two Seven Witches CDs. Our OVERLORDE 2000 demo was recorded and eventually led to our signing with Sonic Age Records in 2004."

"Basically all the songs were written in the '80s," reiterating Mark, asked for a description of the current record. "Some new music and lyrics were added. The CD is 60 minutes of balls-out power metal, or 'U.S. Power Metal' as we had come to be called. Which is pretty much correct. Power metal with fantasy lyrics but without keys or choirs. Other people just call us heavy metal. But the lyrics are a mix of fantasy, apocalyptic themes, horror, and some real life. The cover art and the art in the booklet feature characters from the songs. On the cover is the Snow Giant, who is a snow warrior, battling the Cyclops. Also featured on the cover is a woman warrior representing the song Hell Hath No Fury."

With respect to extracurriculars, Mark says, "I have an instrumental project I would like to release, similar to Satriani, a side-project. That website is www.meflyingv.com. Bobby is involved with Morbid Sin and Exhibition. That's about it as far as other potential recordings. Though one cool thing I am involved with is this: I am guest-judging a band contest along with notables like Lemmy, Snake Sabo, and Don Dokken, that is co-sponsored by sickidiots.com and Revolver Magazine."

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