OVERLORDE - Underground. True. Worldwide. Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Finally, the band have been captured on DVD format. "In April 2005 we performed at Keep It True IV metalfest in Germany; Agent Steel was the headliner. The whole festival was videotaped, an excellent seven camera pro shoot. Recently the compilation DVD came out on Steelpride Records. It includes four of our songs: Hell Hath No Fury (incorrectly listed as Snow Giant on the DVD), Starcastle, Colossus (Island Of The Cyclops) and Overlorde. It came out great. And it's the first live footage we have ever released."

"Keep It True was amazing," laughs Mark. "One guy cried after we played. Another guy wanted his model-caliber girlfriend to take a picture with me. A French guy kissed my hand. There's a slideshow of the fans at our site. The whole atmosphere of the fest and the bands was like a big brotherhood. Especially our Jersey metal brothers in Deadly Blessing and the guys from Torch."

Check out www.overlorde.com or www.sonicagerecords.com for more on this band's complicated history and future.