PANTERA - "A New Way Of Making METAL"!
by Tim Henderson

PANTERA's much-anticipated album, Re-Inventing The Steel, will be unleashed to an unsuspecting public on March 21. With an obvious play on the "reinventing the wheel" concept, Texas' famed four-piece is poised to stake claim to the top of the metal heap with the first major Metal record of 2000.

"I just think that it's a continuation of the belief and the heart and soul that Pantera has in heavy music," drummer Vinnie Paul spoke exclusively to HardRadio. "It's 100% Pantera. No sellout - it's for the fans. That's who we made it for and we know that they can't always get to the kind of music that they once could. It's changed quite a bit. The title of the album, Re-Inventing The Steel, is to me, a new way of making METAL. We're going to re-introduce some people to the roots of Metal with this record. But it's very, very up-to-date and 2000 and I think they're going to dig the shit out of it."

Re-Inventing The Steel is bursting with ten newly grinded tracks, recorded and produced by the band at guitarist Dimebag Darrell's backyard studio, Chasin Jason Studios in DFW, Texas.

"Here's the total philosophy that we go with," Vinnie continues selling Steel. "You can buy some albums that have 18 songs on them and you have to go to track two, five and six and those are your favorite ones. We've always been a firm believer in making every song count, putting everything we can into every song. There's ten songs on there, power-packed with all kinds of shit from start to finish. 'Hellbound', Goddamn Electric' (which features Kerry King on guitar which is a pretty unique story - we recorded him live back stage with a four-track after they played on Ozzfest last summer), 'Yesterday Don't Mean Shit', 'You've Got To Belong To It', 'Revolution Is My Name' (first single), We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time' ("about us believing in what we do and doing what we do for a long time to come"), Disappear', 'Uplifting', 'Cast The Shadow'.

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