PANTERA Europe Diary
by Madd Maxx Hammer

If you have ever wondered what it is like to get your lights punched out, without actually having someone's fist pound your face, check out Pantera live!

I had my lights punched out almost every night for 5 weeks in April and May while a working member of Pantera's European tour 2000. The Cowboys From Hell released their first studio CD in four years in March. "Reinventing The Steel" is the heaviest thing since Metallica's, "Ride The Lightning." And Pantera's initial tour, through Europe, reinforced their claim as the undisputed heavyweight champs of heavy metal.

Pantera is relentless, pulling no punches in an all out assault that left all of Europe stunned, amazed and gasping for air! Oslo, Norway had the privilege to first experience the boys from the South after not playing live for over a year. While most bands need a couple shows to warm up after an extended break from touring, Pantera simply blew off 15 months of pent up energy and leveled the crowds in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland.

While the tour continued it's domination through Germany, England, Wales, Italy and surrounding countries the crowds became more intense and anxious as this was Pantera's first full blown tour of Europe since 1994. Sold out venues every show left crowds battered and bewildered from a healthy overdose of Pantera's bludgeoning sounds and riffs! Their live set kicked off with a new song, "Yesterday Don't Mean Shit" and segues into "Walk," followed by "A New Level." By this time the crowd is beside itself with heavy adrenaline overflow (proceed with caution).

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