PANTERA Europe Diary Page 2
by Madd Maxx Hammer

"Reinventing The Steel" lends the live show 5 songs..."Yesterday Don't Mean Shit," "Goddamn Electric," Revolution Is My Name," "Death Rattle," and "Hellbound." I don't see how Phil's throat holds up after singing "Hellbound." You've heard of singers shattering glass. Well Anselmo can annihilate concrete. His voice sounds like a Black & Decker power drill on 500 volts. That's a compliment, Phil!

When asked what the new album's title, Reinventing The Steel" means, Anselmo responds by saying it is metal's next step from Judas Priest's, "British Steel."

Pantera's headlining tour of Europe 2000 brought along support bands, Powerman 5000 and Satyricon.

Traveling through Europe was a literal trip. Seeing and experiencing different cultures, languages, scenery and monetary currencies was fulfilling. Some of the hi-lites included, a meeting with former world boxing middleweight champ Marvelous Marvin Hagler at a hotel in Milano, Italy. Pantera arrived in Milan and got situated in the hotel in preparation for a day off. While hanging out in Phil's (Anselmo) room waiting for room service to arrive with food, the phone rang and it was the band's security guy, Krusher, who informed us that Hagler was hanging out in the lobby of the hotel. Phil and I are huge boxing fans so we sprinted down to the lobby and cornered Hagler. He spoke with us for around an hour, answering all our questions and obliged with autographs. Hagler is a genuine person. A true champ inside and outside the ring.

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