PANTERA Europe Diary Page 3
by Madd Maxx Hammer

One of the most incredible experiences of my life happened in a very small community situated inside Copenhagen, Denmark. I am not quite sure but I think the place is called Christiana. It is in Copenhagen but not bound to the city. Christiana reportedly has its own laws apart from Copenhagen. Anyway, me and another crew member took a cab ride to Cristiana from the venue in Copenhagen. The cab driver drops us off on a street corner in Copenhagen. We walk behind some buildings and all of sudden we are in a market square type setting with vendors in their booths lining the street selling smoking accessories and some the most potent smoke you ever smelled!!! And the unbelievable part is, IT IS LEGAL. You can't venture out into Copenhagen or, BUSTED. But inside the boundaries of Christiana you are cool.

Suffice to say I plan to spend a couple months there following the 2000-2001 tour.

Another memorable moment was driving through the Swiss Alps. Probably the most breath-taking site in the history of eyes. You can only dream of what exists in the Alps. Words can't describe the beauty. You need to see it first hand to really grasp the atmosphere.

It was a fascinating journey into a foreign land. My account of the bands shows in Europe was a basic overview. I don't want to reveal too much because if we give away the show, no surprise when you experience Pantera live in 2000-2001. Next up for the CFH, Japan. The tour of Japan is about a week long, from June 16-23. Upon our return I will fill you in so keep checking for my Pantera tour diary. After Japan, Pantera embarks on a 2 month United States tour with Ozzy Osbourne. And you can live the moments throughout, right here on

Until then...Rock Hard, Ride Free
Madd Maxx Hammer

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