PANTERA Japan Diary Page 3
by Madd Maxx Hammer

One of the more anxious moments in Japan was June 17th. The day Oscar de la Hoya fought Shane Mosley for the WBC 147 pound world boxing championship. The fight took place in Los Angeles, California on a Saturday about 9pm local time, which translates to about 11am, Sunday in Japan. So we were unable to watch the fight live. Phil Anselmo and I are huge boxing fans so we were waiting impatiently for a result. We bet 20 bucks on the outcome...Anselmo had Mosley, I went with Oscar.

Turns out one of the guys, Spike, who works for the Japanese promoter as our guide got the fight taped for us. We watched it in our hotel room with amazement. Mosley handled de la Hoya with virtual ease. I thought Oscar would have been more effective. Not so, he got his butt kicked! I had Mosley winning every round...And I lost 20 hard earned dollars!!!

Speaking of the concert promoter who brought Pantera over to Japan. He must be acknowledged for his hospitality and graciousness. His name is Mr. Udo and each time Pantera goes to Japan to play for him he throws a huge feast at the end of the tour. It is always an event. The main course is Kobe steaks which you cook at your table on a heated rock. You have to see how it's done to really grasp the concept of cooking a slab of beef on a rock. It's unreal!

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