PANTERA Japan Diary Page 4
by Madd Maxx Hammer

After 3 shows in Tokyo we took the bullet train to Osaka. The bullet train is pretty cool if you like going fast. But once the novelty wears off and your attention is diverted you try to take your mind off the trip. Gambling is always a good way to diviate. I lost 35 bucks throwing dice! Dimebag who deals, always cleans me out. While losing my hard earned cash I asked the Pantera guitarist who are his 3 favorite guitarists of all time...Ed Van Halen, Randy Rhodes and Ace Frehley. Wow! Dimebag is also into Kings X.

Pantera only played in Japan, as I said, for a week, so time went real fast. Trying to adjust to the time change, the food and language barrier took most of the time. But it was a blast.

Pantera nows embarks on a 2 month journey thru the United States of America with Ozzy Osbourne on a bill called "OzFest." More tour stories, news and frivolity in the days and weeks to come so keep coming back to to look inside the Pantera tour diary with Mad Max.

(Madd Maxx Hammer is recognized as one of the world's premiere metal radio
pioneers and air personalities. Maxx is a veteran of the former national Z-Rock
satellite network, and past host of the nationally syndicated Z-Rock 50 countdown
heard on nearly 60 radio stations. This is his second world tour with Pantera.)