PANTERA Ozzfest 2000 Diary Part 2
by Madd Maxx Hammer

Ozzfest 2000 is in full swing and everything is going off without a hitch. Sold out venues, nice weather, and good people.

I have been on three Pantera World Tours ('94, '96, and 2000). Each tour Pantera has been the headliner, except this tour. It is much different not being the headlining band on a tour. When you headline you get everything you want. When you don't headline, you don't. The only real difference is, it's harder to get your laundry done and it's tougher to get friends in for free. Pantera will headline their own USA tour in November-December, 2000. The band will invade all the places the Ozzfest missed.

OK, another change for Pantera not being the headliner, is their set is only an hour as opposed to 90 minutes. Pantera runs over some nights but they aren't stepping on anyone's toes. Pantera's set is fast, brutal, and relentless! They leave nothing to be desired. Everyone is completely satisfied.

On July 5th Pantera signed autographs at a record store in Nashville, Tennessee. 1200 fans showed up. Unbelieveable! With the popularity of bands like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, reinforces the fact, "Heavy Metal Will Never Die"!

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