PANTERA Ozzfest 2000 Diary Part 3
by Madd Maxx Hammer

A month into Ozzfest 2000 and I must say all is well! The crowds are insane. The atmosphere is carnival-like as the doors open eah show day at 10am. Most of the people are there from opening 'til Ozzy leaves the stage at 11pm. There is always something to do, as there are game booths, food and drink, and always a name band playing on one of the two stages, plus more!

I have had a chance to check out some more bands...P.O.D., Soulfly, Incubus, and Static-X. They all kick major ass. P.O.D. and Soulfly are very heavy, especially P.O.D. I talked with the guys in P.O.D. and all members are born-again Christians, which is a great thing. They live quiet lives and mind their own business and set a good example.

Soulfly's leader Max Cavalera is formerly of Sepultura.....I recommend if you go to Ozzfest 2000 in the USA, do check out P.O.D. and Soulfly.

The cool thing about Ozzfest is, we never play on consecutive days. Every other day is a day off. It takes alot of the strain of touring off. We pretty much live in hotels as opposed to the tour bus. The bus is used for travel moreso than living.

I haven't outlined what my job on this tour is. I'm Pantera's fitness trainer. Primarily I train Pantera's singer Phil Anselmo. Phil is a boxing freak and likes to work out like a boxer trains. I was once an amateur boxer and train people to I am a perfect fit for Phil.

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