PANTERA Ozzfest 2000 Diary Part 3 Page 2
by Madd Maxx Hammer

Godsamck has their dressing room next to Pantera's. The singer of Godsmack asked me to train him, because he has always had a desire to learn how to box. The guy's name is Sully and after 5 workouts he has developed a mean right hand! Beware and proceed with caution....Sully is dangerous. Speaking of, so far we've been able to watch all the televised bouts including Lennox Lewis' blowout of Frans Botha. Phil predicted Lweis would dominate. I felt Botha would take Lewis the 12 round distance. Was I ever wrong! Lewis put Botha to sleep in 2.

We saw the fight in a hotel in Pittsburg, PA. Kiljoy, the singer of Hecrophagia, lives on the outskirts of Pittsburg and came out and watched the fight with us.

The new Hecrophagia CDs are awesome sounding. You gotta check it out. The only original member is Kiljoy. The rest of the band is Dustin on bass, Wayne "Doobie" Fabra on drums, Anton Crowley (Phil Anselmo) on guitar and Kiljoy does the vocals. They have a video out also. Kiljoy is also in a band with Dan Lilker (S.O.D., Anthrax, Brutal Truth) and the former drummer of Death, which is called Ravonous.

Right after Pittsburg the Ozzfest was in Cleveland where Pantera did another record store appearance. Over 2000 friends of the band showed up to meet them and get autographs. They were at the in-store for 4 hours.

The show in Cleveland was a little short of a sellout...the only show so far not completely full. But, the crowd was the most insane of all the crowds up to now.

More insanity to come.

Madd Maxx.