PANTERA Ozzfest 2000 Diary Part 5
by Madd Maxx Hammer

Rain, rain go away! I am serious, it has rained almost every day on the Ozzfest. Everywhere we go it rains. While the western US is on fire, the east and midwest are all wet! And the funny thing is, during Ozzy's set he continues to hose down the crowd with water. It's like driving through a rainstorm and people have their sprinklers on, watering their lawns.

As I have mentioned in previous installments, every other day is a day off...the Ozzfest doesn't play shows on consecutive days. So some of the bands on the tour play their own shows on the off-days. Such was the case in Iowa. There, all the Ozzfest bands, minus Pantera and Ozzy, played a local festival. I went to this gig on Godsmack's bus because Sully of Gdsmack wanted to do a boxing workout with me.

We get to the gig and it starts pouring rain. I mean coming down! And lightning everywhere. By 2PM the promoters and bands were seriously considering cancelling the show. The all of a sudden....crash! I was in the Godsmack dressing room with Sully and it sounded like a bomb landed in the area. Turns out lightning struck the structure that houses the stage and did damage. No one was hurt, but the show was called off. So we loaded everything up and split to St. Louis.

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