PANTERA Ozzfest 2000 Diary Part 6 - Wrapup Page 4
by Madd Maxx Hammer

According to rumors this is Ozzy's last tour as he is retiring. But you know how that goes. I also work in the world of professional boxing as a TV commentator and I will tell you when a boxer retires you can bet a comeback is imminent. I will say this, Ozzy was not looking healthy at any point of the tour. And he moves very slowly...He doesn't get around too well. Ozzy is in his early 50's and his best concerts are behind him. That is not to say his performances on Ozzfest 2000 weren't electrifying, because they were. But backstage you could see Ozzy is tired.

God bless Ozzy!

Following Ozzfest 2000 Pantera will take September and October off. They are however performing in Mexico City on September 22nd according to the bands tour manager. They will go out again starting in November through the United States. Pantera will play cities that the Ozzfest missed. The winter tour will end in December. The winter tour for Pantera will reportedly include Morbid Angel and Kittie and maybe a fourth band.

During the Ozzfest I met the singer of Godsmack (Sully) and I started giving him boxing lessons. He liked it so much he hired me to tour with his band. Godsmack will start touring again through the U.S. the third week of October. I will be going out with them for the tour. It is an MTV tour that will include a myriad of groups.

Until then...ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE!!